Bulkhead style emergency light
Hanging Blade style emergency light



Twin Spot Emergency Lighting
Special styles emergency lights






BS5266 - British Standard for the Installation of

                 Emergency Lighting


System Design,

Supply of products

Installation and commissioning

Maintenance of existing installations

Updating of locations/premises



Selection of product styles:


Bulhead style           -  surface or flush mounting

Square shape style -  surface mounting

Circular                     -  surface mounting 

Hanging Blade         -  ceiling mounting

Exit Boxes                 -  wall mounting 

Conversion kits       -  to convert existing lighting


Emergency light types:
 3-hr N/M     is a 3-hour duration luminary that iluminates
                    when the mains supply to it fails.


3-hr M        is a 3-hour duration luminary that is luminated
                   all the time and when the mains supply to it
                   fails is continues to stay illuminated for  up to