Detectomat GmbH is an international manufacturer of commercial and residential fire alarm product and systems. Established in the UK for over 5 years the company distributes its comprehensive range of innovative products through a national network of Reseller Partners, Trade Accounts and key OEM's within the sector.


The product offering ranges from unique, design conscious detector covers for residential and commercial applications, using leading edge wire-free systems, marketed under the companies "Wireless detect" brand.


Detectomat smoke detectors incorporate the latest advances in the area of detection technology including the New Fusion detector, which combines multi-sensor and criteria technology for faster detection of fast burning fires and their Humitec development to reduce false alarms.


If you have a small existing building, which needs a retrofit fire alarm solution utilizing wireless technology or are at the early stages of designing a larger hard-wired commercial system, detectomat would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop a solution, which is design conscious and effective



Detectomat’s unique Wire-Free, Radio Fire System, a new way alternative to the costs, potential damage and business disruption associated with installing hardwired Fire Systems in existing buildings. And an ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications in small to medium sized enterprises.


Interconnection of the various Fire System components including detectors, manual call points, sounders and control panels, which has traditionally been done in electrical cabling, can now be done with wire-free radio.


Installing cables in existing buildings has, in the past, meant ugly surface wiring or damage to decorations caused by the installation of concealed wiring, which is also time consuming and presents access issues and general disruption to ongoing business.


This all meant an unwanted and unnecessary escalation of costs, which can now be avoided. Radio as a Fire System communication medium has been available for many years but at a high cost.


Now, the unique Wireless detect system from Detectomat offers a cost effective wire-free, Radio Fire Alarm solution as an alternative to hardwired Conventional and smaller Addressable applications





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